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            A Christian Way of Life
Growth in Prayer
Bible Study

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Art of Worshipping Christ (Liturgical Dance, Sing and more…)




Outreach is a Purpose to also restore the mental, emotional, and spiritual rehabilitation of the loss and seek purpose in dreamers with a vision.

His Feet Dance International Ministry  Camp Outreach   

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Lots  of  Fun  &  Activities…

We move with Praise, Worship, Banners, Prophetic dance, Celebration and more…

This Ministry is therapeutic to the young hearts, minds and souls as well as adults on their life journey. As liturgical dancers they are able to grow spiritually and strengthen their relationship with Christ to express His love to others around the world.

We believe the Christian Art of Dance can help you learn and develop with our 3DL

   3 Dimensional Learning Begins with:


 (Start Moving!) Increase flexibility, coordination and edification, specific techniques for (Dance to improve posture and grace.

(Mind Saturated!) Increase retention and comprehension of instruction, which allow you to gain creative expression.

(Image Boost!) It will improve self-control, group cooperation, developing self-confidence, respect for other’s abilities and boundaries. At HFDI we explore the arts and our main point is FOCUS! On Him for your life is His Feet!


 “Liturgical Teaching”

If your Church want to start a  Liturgical Dance Ministry, Seek Guidelines for Dance Ministry or Learn more on Leadership.

HFDI  Directors are qualified, equipped for the teaching… We Believe the order of God help builds the kingdom.

For more information sign up through our website contact us box or contact us by phone.

Toll-free 1 855-542-9801 ext.104

Let’s Get the Instruments In Order!

(Ephesians 4:12)   To equip the saints for works of ministry, for building up the body of Christ.


Unity is Power!

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