600x600danceHis Feet Ministries started In May 2005 three week after joining a small church in Newnan, GA. After seeing a group of children minister in dance I wanted to be a part of it, however later I found out that the church didn’t have the ministry and what I had witness, the Pastor’s niece put together a dance for the church anniversary and at that moment my heart dropped. I love to dance and wanted to be under someone that would teach me how however, the secretary of the church said to me… “We do not have a dance ministry here and if the Lord placed that on your heart then you would have to be over it, just pray about it” she said. Now at this point I had no knowledge of how a dance ministry goes, I didn’t want to embrace teaching something that I had no experience in.

So, I prayed about this and 3 weeks later I begin having dreams of me dancing and guiding others. In the dreams there was no sound of music. I couldn’t understand what this meant to not here a sound in the dream, but as the dreams went on the dancing started to come together. One morning I woke up and just felt like dancing. I didn’t understand why, I just had this heaviness on my heart to dance and I did. However, it was then I realized that God had release a supernatural gift in me. I begin writing in my journal and talking to my grandmother who helped me get through this experience. I can truly say this was all God; the Holy Spirit guided me as long as I was focused.

DSC_0754 (531x800)After instructing with my eyes close and pointing every Tuesday and Saturday I knew it had to be another way, this ministry started out very rocky however, I notice the people were thirsty for the guidance. I start writing down everything I was getting in my spirit and used it. Thank God he never failed me. Orderly I had written down some things of this supernatural teaching, praying and asking God is there a name for this ministry and three days later I heard a sweet voice spoke His Feet. Silly me I thought his feet what? I wrote that down and that’s when Holy Inspirational came to me and Spiritual came later after an experience I had with God. To where this journey began I also thank the Saint Smyrna Baptist Church Family and the Late Pastor Jake Russell who said to me “ read Matthew 11:28-30 ; and no matter what your ups and downs are God will always be there, open up your heart, allow Him to use you and you can’t go wrong.” This always stuck with me even when the fall in my life came, it gave me hope.

My life hit rock bottom from some unwise choices that I made and I said that I would never dance again ever! I was pregnant and felt like I had let God down, However through my pregnancy I wanted to dance every time I heard a worship song it was like conviction to me. I continued to go through a lot until after I delivered a beautiful daughter and at that moment I knew I had to get back with God because I couldn’t see any other way to live my life. After walking back into the will of God, I began to have dreams again and in this deep sleep the Lord spoke to me saying “My child I am coming for a church that l will look, sound and move like Heaven.” Oh Wow! I knew the Lord had called me for such a time as this.

Who we are ImageGod showed me there will be three ladies that will carry out this mission Myself and two other ladies that I had no idea whom they were and for a years I searched until I understood it was in the lord will for the time and place. He showed me these 3 women would travel the world and spread the gospel in a very supernatural way in teaching, praying, preaching, evangelizing and prophetic in their gifts. As a hairstylist I waited and worked my field behind the chair and a minister of dance teaching from church to church and also learning what to do and not. After 7 years I realized I was in training, After receiving my master educator license in cosmetology, My life was shifted to walk away from my profession, to spend time with God, write a book and through all of that He showed me how the five fold ministry can be with one, therefore knowing that He will send you (Apostle), you will share the good news (Preach), you will help people to understand the word (Teach), you will walk among the dark areas(Evangelist) and in all of them you’ve heard from Him(Prophet). I’ve witness this all in one day. I believe the Lord can use whoever, in whatever and whenever he chooses to do so, for the title that we as believers should claim first is to embrace that you are a child of God, trusting and willing to spread the Love to uplift others with the gifts he places within you. Amen…



This history was summed up to its truthful status and there are many stories to share that was not mentioned, and just to let you know before meeting these women of God there were hard trials and tribulations to cross over, but we made it through alone with God and now as sisters we must walk this OUTREACH journey Where ever HIS FEET lead us.


You have put all things under his feet. Now in putting everything in subjection to him, he left nothing outside his control. At present, we do not yet see everything in subjection to him.
– Hebrews 2:8


Unity is Power!

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